Introduction to the Next Series of Posts by Todd and Jay

by Jay Guin and Todd Deaver

Mac’s recent series of posts raises a host of questions that beg for answers. However, to go through each point and fully answer each one would severely test that patience of both our readers and our correspondents. And so, for now, we want to focus on a few points that are at the heart of our disagreement.

Therefore, our first two posts will address a number of inconsistencies we see in Mac’s posts, seeking to show the overall incoherence of the conservative position.

We will then address the question that this discussion began with: what do the passages of scripture that actually deal with falling away say?

Finally, having established certain of the fundamental Biblical principles that govern the doctrine of apostasy, we’ll address these key questions posed by Mac —

* What’s the difference between imperfect obedience and disobedience?

* Why teach a Christian God’s will on a subject when God’s grace will cover sins committed by a penitent Christian in unintentional ignorance of God’s will?

* How can salvation be by faith and not works, and yet works be the necessary consequence of salvation?

These are, of course, very serious questions, and they are questions directly answered by the scriptures.

We expect post the three parts of our response every-other day, that is, Monday (today), Wednesday, and then Friday.

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