On Second Thought …

On second thought, Todd and I have agreed with Mac that before we launch into a defense of our views (now posted), we need to respond to Mac’s most recent post. We agreed to answer his true/false questions, and it’s only fair that we go ahead and do that, as well as responding to his arguments on repentance.

Where we go from there depends on what Mac says in response.

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3 Comments on “On Second Thought …”

  1. Bob Tackett Says:

    I have apparently missed something. What is going on?
    I am a preacher since Army days and 38 years as a civilian. I have enjoyed, and sometimes disagreed with, these posts, but never disagreeing enough to throw down the gauntlet. What has gone on to cause this. Please answer this, I am saddened, disillusioned, and waiting waiting for grace and common sense to prevail.

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