Getting to the Real Issue

by Todd Deaver

Greg and Phil have offered a series of posts that have greatly helped us understand their positions and their thinking. Their thoughtful posts deserve a thoughtful reply. Because we are now at the heart of the issue, we’ll need to put up several posts to fully respond. To avoid unduly testing the patience of our readers, we’ll spread these over a few days.

The posts that are coming are –

  • Proceeding According to Plan, by Todd
  • Apostasy Lists by Leaders Among the Conservative Churches of Christ, by Jay (in response to Greg’s request that Jay post such a list)
  • Phil’s and Greg’s Position on Apostasy, by Todd
  • Aren’t Some Errors Covered by Grace? by Todd
  • The Repentance Requirement, by Todd
  • Exegesis of Texts Cited by Greg and Phil, by Jay
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  1. These are interesting titles. I look forward to the posts.

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